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We also specialise in underground concrete water tanks, with a concrete top.  We guarantee that the top of the tank will tank a minimum load bearing weight of 20 tonne, or one metre of fill. 

We use eight (8) Y12 deformed bars in each of the 8 poles which support the top of the tank.   These poles are filled with concrete and vibrated.

The top of the tank concrete thickness is 190mil and so is the bottom, which slopes into a drain plug or sump.  So if need be  the tank can be cleaned out.

We have a 30 year warranty on all our tanks.

We are an Australian family company, going since 1983.  My brother and I work together.

We guarantee that the concrete after 28 days of curing will test between 48 and 52mpa, which is more than our competitors do.

We use proper tank mesh, specially designed for concrete water tanks, made by Humes ARC, which flex around the wall.  The mesh is five times dearer than s62 or s72 and s 82 mesh.

We build the inner formwork up on wooden blocks, and we put them on a diamond shape, and have a special pick, which has two prongs together. When we finish pouring the wall, we slide out the wooden blocks.  This ensures that there is a complete seal between the floor and wall join. We also vibrate the cavities in, so no cold joins. We don’t use bricks or concrete blocks, to support the inner wall.

We use plasticizer, so we do not use too much water in the concrete.  The plasticizer keeps the strength up. Too much water actually weakens the concrete.  And with high strength concrete, too much water can give your tank hair line cracks. That is why we use the plasticizer.

These tanks form algae if the water sits there, i.e. if it is not used in hot weather.    The water in these tanks, heat up and cool down in the summer. So for domestic water use a concrete water tank is much safer, which remains a constant cool temperature.

Our underground tanks with a concrete top are guaranteed to have a minimum load bearing weight of 20 tonne, which can easily accommodate heavy truck usage etc.  The top of the tank is 190ml thick and so is the bottom. We also place 8 Y12 deformed bars in each of the poles which hold up the roof.

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