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Concrete Water Tanks Australia

Concrete Tank Construction

All aspects of Terry Miller Concrete Tanks are built for strength, beginning with the assembly of the double layered mesh base with radial starter bars, through to the continuous pour, fully vibrated, 40MPa rated concrete. All tanks have a base thickness of 150mm and walls that are 125mm thick. Wooden blocks are used to support the inner wall off the base, so a seamless, continuous concrete pour is achieved, further strengthening our tanks. These wooden blocks are removed when the floor of the tank is poured.

Concrete Water Tanks Australia

Underground Concrete Tanks

Our underground concrete water tanks are the perfect way to store your water underground.  All our tanks are built with either 6 or 8 support legs depending upon the load bearing weight of the tank.  Our standard tanks are built with 6 legs (load bearing columns), which will take up to 20 tonne of load bearing weight. This top will support a truck or car.

The concrete top is supported by 6 load-bearing columns for the 20-tonne roof. These columns are poured at the same time as the top to enhance tank strength.

Concrete Water Tanks Australia

Site Preparation

Site preparation is the important first stage of construction of a Terry Miller concrete tank. Our tanks can be constructed either above ground or below ground.  However, with any tank, the base of the tank needs to be flat, preferably laser levelled, with 150 mil of compacted road base, no fill. 

Concrete Water Tanks Australia

Concrete Tank Roofing

New replacement Silo roofs can also be made up to suit most concrete water tanks. Insurance work is our speciality. We need to know the diameter of the tank and how deep the tank is. We can fit the roof for you or you can do it yourself. In our price we supply the metal sheets, the centre pole, which is hot tipped galvanised steel or stainless steel, depending on your requirements, dyna bolts, centre cone, disc and sieve. So ring Terry for a quote of what your new roof will cost.

Concrete Tank Repairs

Concrete Tank Repairs

Got a leak or crack in your concrete water tank? Let us know what you require and and a competent serviceman can visit your site and repair your concrete tank. When we inspect your tank we will be able to quickly determine if repairing it is feasible. If caught early enough, most tanks can be repaired. However if we feel it is beyond repair we will tell you so and because of our experience in installing tanks, you can be assured that we can solve your problem!

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